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      How Long it Take to Change New Passport and New Address Information in VEVO???

      Hi All,
      We are permanent resident and permanently living in Australia. Recently me and my family have received new passports (not Australian passport) and I have contacted to local immigration office in Adelaide to inform and update our new passport. They gave me some Form to fill-up and return.
      I have completed that form with new passport detail and new address (as we have moved to a new address after the PR was granted) and return it to Adelaide office.
      Its been a long time, but there is no update in VEVO. Still it is showing the old passport against our visa grant number. Anyone have any idea how long it will take for them to update the new passport info against our visa grant number.

      One more info I would like to add here, as there was no check list or instruction to add any further documents like photocopy of new passport and proof of address - I did not submit them. I just have submitted those change of address and passport form.

      If anyone have any idea what can I do please suggest.

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      Immi certainly needs copies of the new passports. Assuming you've send it via mail it may needs to be certified by a JP or so.

      Alternatively you can send them an email (with your visa grant no) and add the form + passports as scanned attachments. This is probably the easiest way.

      Providing immigration with poof of your new address is not necessary as settled onshore PRs.
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