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      189 visa query...starting at the beginning

      We're looking to start the visa application progress through my husbands skilled occupation (joiner). I have has NVQ certificate, H&S cert and a paper breakdown of modules signed off/completed. Is there anything else I will need to gather for him before starting this process?

      I also read today on the gov website that a UK citizen passport is enough confirmation for the English speaking element and no further test is required...is this correct?

      Any other things I should be collecting before sitting down and starting the process?

      Ours is a pretty straight forward situation so not going through a migration agent.

      Thanks for any advice

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      As far as I am aware he will need his skills assessed by the nominated body - not sure who that is for joinery. Possibly vetassess. Even though you think you don't need an agent its certainly a good idea to just have an initial discussion with one. I'm fairly sure everyone has to do the IELTS test whether you have a British passport or not. (The main visa applicant at least).

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      Hi, I got my 189 in April and I didn't do IELTS or any kind of English language lest. If you were born in the uk, studied in English etc that's enough. IELTS is a loophole for us Brits who don't scrape 60pts with the other criteria.

      Hope that helps :)

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