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      I feel for you here. Sit back have a glass of South Australian Wine then sit and watch the news on TV this evening. Maybe just maybe you will start shouting at the TV and gain that Aussie feeling back.
      Hang on in there, don't cancel anything just relax and get on with your life. When the request finally comes through for Medicals etc you may well have changed your minds again. Have the Medicals done (Start Saving Now so you won't miss the money when it it happens)
      Then sit back again and wait, get on with life and then Hey Presto Visa arrives. You can now make a decision. Don't worry about it being a 475 Visa! It's still a Visa and to gain permanency isn't really that hard after-wards.

      Like you we have a very good life here, good jobs which we will give up, three boys that we are leaving behind!
      If we don't go for it now we miss the boat due to age and will always wonder what if.

      You, like us have come along way, see the final bit out before you make a decision you may regret later.

      It's your decision but don't make the wrong one!

      Take care

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      made up now

      oh jill am made up you are sticking with it gurl (thanks for ur pm)
      need me mate out there with me, having our bbqs, drinking the wine
      kids playiny footy etc
      you stay strong and dont get of this bumpy ride yet
      take care dear


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      jill wright
      Cheers Sue bring it on thats what I say

      Love Jill xxx

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      Hi Sue,

      Like others have said stick with it until the next round of expense is due and then see how you feel, sometimes when things seem to be going against you, it is easy to make a snap decision which you later regret, stay positive and focused and things will happen,

      All the very best,


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      Sorry for taking so long to reply, don't check into the site very much anymore. We did apply to cancel our visa last October / november time. It was finally cancelled and we received notification of this two weeks ago! Up to that time we could have changed our minds and gone, and there was several times when we actually thought about it! We never received any refund, as has previously been said, once its out of the bank its gone! I think you are doing the right thing, they have your money, if you start the cancellation process you may change your mind before medicals are requested. Our medicals had to be done my the middle of march, DIAC was still giving us extra time right up until middle of May. We had to write 3 emails and 2 letters to finally get the application cancelled. Definitely stick with it for now, you have nothing to lose! Whatever you do choose, do NOT just ignore info requests etc etc as you will have the visa cancelled by DIAC and if you choose to even visit the country on holiday in the future, you will struggle to gain a visa of any sort as you will have a refusal with your name!!!!

      We chose to stay in England, for us it was the wrong time in our lives, but we will always wonder if we did the right thing, or took the cowards / easy option! Who knows! Good luck with whatever decision you take.

      Sorry for rabbling on, people of old will be used to it!
      Take care xxx

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      Quote Originally Posted by jill wright View Post
      Yes it does Gill cos its made our minds up regarding trying to make up the necessary points and apply for the PR visa instead we can't afford to shell out any more money. We'll stick with this and let it ride cos its a definate rollercoaster we're on and we may as well continue with it, its abit soon to get off

      Good for you for sticking it out.
      There can be some pretty low points along the way.
      We had plenty believe me.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Aussiebound View Post
      took the cowards / easy option!
      Far from it Sarah. It was, as I saw it, a brave decission. It would have been easier to go with the flow and go through the motions and got the visa. Especially with all us on here egging each other on. To turn round and say 'its not for us' so far down the line took guts in my opinion.
      Some of us were gutted that you made that decission for purely selfish reasons. We do wish you, Neil, Holly a & Elise all the best in your new home in Lincoln but also hope someday you make a trip downunder. You will not be short for somewhere to stay.


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      jill wright
      Hi Sarah thanks very much for taking the time to reply your decision was far from cowardly but must have been extremely difficult I know how hard its been for us over the last few weeks. I am going to scan all documentation but just waiting for a stat dec from my ex but I'm sure we've plenty of time even to receiving a case officer.
      We could all wonder 'what if' over many decisions we've had to make throughtout life eg should I have taken that job,moved house, ditched that boyfriend/husband (sorry went to see sex and the city last night it was great!!!) so i'd just get on with life and enjoy which I'm sure you and your family are doing and like Pete says at least you have contacts out there now for a visit

      Take care and thanks again for the advise


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      Hi Jill
      For some reason I had missed this thread until know.
      We like yourselves are going on a temp visa and I really do worry and wish we qualified for permanent especially with the housing market, a permanent visa would give us more time to sell the house if nothing else.
      I'm glad you have decided to ride it out, at least you will give yourselves more time to think it through and you wouldn't get your money back so you may as well.
      I wish you the very best and hope you decide to got for it when the time comes but that will be your choice based on what is best for your family.
      Good luck

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      jill wright
      Hi Jacqueline

      Thanks for your good wishes alot is riding on this housing market lets hope it picks up for all of us

      jill xx


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