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      Please dont take this as an open can of worms but PLEASE can you give us some pros and cons of living in Adelaide... I have also been hearing of the dangers of the CBD and that you cant walk through it at night.... I have, however, heard the complete opposite.... We are looking to move to Aldinga Beach - I have had messages from some of you before advising this is a good area since we want a beach lifestyle not too far from the city but in the less expensive end of the price range since we are pretty strapped for cash!!!

      Thanks again Freaking out!!![/quote]

      I'm currently living in Aldinga Beach and it's definitely the safest place I've ever lived in. We came from Birmingham and I've lived in Hertfordshire too, and there is no way I would set foot outside the door once it got dark there. Here, I go out for a walk most evenings, on my own, sometimes just after sunset, and never feel threatened or as if I have to keep looking over my shoulder. There are always plenty of kids out playing in the street too and in the parks on their own, so you know it's got to be pretty safe.
      And I have to admit the beaches at Aldinga and Silver Sands are absolutely brilliant. Such fresh air and the views of the hills...come on over and appreciate it. Even I have to say it's beautiful.

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      Quote Originally Posted by smoki View Post
      Have to say I work in Glasgow and have never felt comfortable as seen some situations just walking the few hundred yards from the station to the office and that is broad daylight so hate to think after dark. Is Glasgow not rumoured to be the murder capital of the UK!!.

      I guess there are good and bad in any city but if you look at a recent survey for the best cities to live in the world Adelaide is in the top 10 and that must be based on facts. No Uk cities were anywhere near.
      Hi there - good to see you on PIA! Yes, Adelaide is in the top 6 cities in fact! (according to my reseach for SA sponsorship!). Crime or no crime, Adelaide has to be better than the UK?! :)

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      I think that most of the endless surveys we guide our lives by are conducted by statisticians who have never actuallly lived (may have visited, not the same as living there in my opinion) in the cities that they offer opinions/facts on.

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      I have tried to remain detached from this thread as the concept makes me irritated and I haven't even read it. Now I have and no longer keep quiet...

      If Glasgow is safer than Adelaide, then the person who wrote that drivel should live in Glasgow and see how long he lasts. About a nanosecond in comparision to Adelaide.

      But SSP is right when she says that Adelaide is no Utopia. Adelaide has its fair share of issues to deal with. However, they are not on the same scale as in the UK, and certainly not in Glasgow. Lighting is poor wherever you are in Adelaide, and I don't like walking round in the dark at the best of times.

      Only you can make the decision at the end of the day. You are going to find good and bad areas wherever you live, and when you get here you might find yourself living in an area you hadn't considered but in the meantime don't worry about it. Aldinga is lovely and we were thinking of that area when in the UK. However, we got here and found this area and the rest is history.

      London doesn't bother me, perhaps because I have family there, spent time as a child there and visit it often. My OH on the other hand does not feel as relaxed as I do there and so senses more potential nastiness than I do. I don't sense it and don't find it either.

      If your friend wants to destroy your dream, then I would go all out and stamp all over theirs It isn't fair although I am sure what has been said is only because they love you and don't want to see you go.



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