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      Visa - Subclass 475

      Hi everyone!

      My sister's family are looking to go to Adelaide on a 475 visa, and were wondering how long it takes from start to finish?! Her hubby has just sat the IELTS to increase their points, and they are hoping to get the application in soon... any info would be appreciated :)


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      Hi Holly,
      Are you coming too? Everybody takes different amounts of time but generally it's about a year...depends if you use an agent, how complicated your skills assesment is, and how long you take to get the paperwork together...Good luck with it all Fiona

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      Thanks for your quick reply!! I am coming too but on my parents visa, we're approved already and are hoping to be out for the start of Sept this year.

      My sister's family have already got the skills assesment and state sponsorship, it was the time from the visa submission to actually receiving it we were trying to find out! She's hoping that they'll hear for Jan 2009 if they apply in the next month, but wanted to know if that was a realistic time scale!!



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      On the bigger sites they reckon about 6 months if you submit online (all the agents seem to still do paper applications) On british expats they run a spreadsheet with everyone submitting their details and it's the turn of the November 07 ones....hoping so..... my sister and her family are hoping to be out here by the end of the year they submitted begining of April....We put our application in on 20th July last year and got it 15th Jan this year...we didn't front load our medicals but did our police checks before we submitted...just incase there were any surprises.....It's great that your whole family are planning together makes things so much easier, Good luck with everything Fiona


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