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    Thread: Are we alone

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      Are we alone

      We applied for visa via an agent on 14th August 2007 and it is still not granted. That's over 10 months

      I know there is a rumor that all visa have been granted for the year 07-08 and the new year starts July 1st but was wondering is there anyone else still waiting from last August or before

      Am getting really p****d off

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      Hang in there ....good things come to those who wait....patience is a virtue.....umm can't think of anything else but I know this waiting is very trying for you as you want to get on with the next stage of planning.
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      I would chase that up I think....on other sites they're getting visas granted who applied in October!!
      What does your agent say? Good Luck Fiona

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      The agent has sent DIAC 3 emails and the only reply he is getting is that the are inundated with queries and it will be passed to the relevant office as soon as they can

      He was the one who told us about the rumor that they have all been allocated for the year

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      No you are NOT alone, I am following a link on britihs expats for aug 07. We lodged 17th august and are still waiting too.

      Like you are lives are on hold, soooo fed up considered cancelling !! our agent says we must be 95% the way there, and yes i have heard the rumours about 1st july and am beginning to think they are true or should i say HOPE !!


      45 going on 40 !!

      we live in hope !

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      Thanks I'm glad to know someone else is still waiting then maybe I can believe we haven't been forgotten about or worse still turned down but they haven't bothered to tell us yet!!!

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      You are definitely not alone. There's probably thousands of August applicants still waiting. We applied on the 17th of August and do have a case officer who requested everything to be in by 24th June. We were surprised as we are one caught up in the capital investment issue. Conversely, my brother/sister in law applied on the 28th of August and have heard nothing. Officially they are still only appointing case officers for pre-1st sept applicants for those who were received in June so who knows. It is hard, as we have refused to put the house on the market. Although some will say that's unwise - we love our house - and if we are staying we want to stay here. Given the capital investment issue we weren't willing to take the risk. Roll on new visa year! Our agent says there will be a flurry of last minute grants on Monday to make up the exact number in the quota for the year (there have been a few this week) and then for us we hope there will be a July 1st legislative decision re: those of us stuck in the investment issue. Then who knows!


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      We got a case officer in February 14th so are fraustrated we are still waiting

      As you say hopefully next week will bring good news

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      hi there!!

      we applied sep'07 and finally got our visa's granted yesterday!! we heard that rumour aswell and werent expecting it, might be worth while contacting your agent again, we absolutley stalked ours.
      hope your not waiting that much longer.


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      The waiting is horrible I know but please don't give up! Our visa's took about a year from start to finish and the waiting is a nightmare I know, but you will get there and before you know it you'll be sipping wine or knocking back a stubbie and complaining about the heat! Chins up guys!
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