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      We both had to write separate statements explaining our relationship status, how we met, common interests, future plans.

      We also had a joint mortgage for our flat and joint accounts so we also attached certified copies of these.

      Hopes this helps and good luck with your visas.


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      We are using the same shipping firm as you. Our insurance is new for old with 100 excess. We have to pay 2.8% of value of sum insured as a premium. This is thru Brittania (Sun Alliance) Marine Transit Insurance. We have to pay the premium in addition to the shipping costs. We spent most of yesterday afternoon doing the inventory and costings. Are you sure you have been given all the insurance paperwork or is it different because you were allocated a company as part of a package?

      Luggage allowance varies depending on who you fly with. If you fly via The States you get more allowance. We looked into allowances and found only permanent visa holders were eligible generally unless you went via USA. We are moving back permanently but as my 2 kids and I hold Aussie passports (so no visa) we didn't get any extra allowance only my husband on a British passport did. He got 40kg with SIA, double the usual allowance. We had to fax a copy of his visa before we paid for the ticket.

      Hope this is of help.

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      Well this is it. Flights are booked for the 22nd September so it's all go.

      All I need to do now is figure out how much luggage I am allowed to take on and be prepared to get hit with a huge excess. Do most people take all their clothes etc with them in suitcases or just the bear minimum with the rest going in the container with the rest of the household stuff?

      My other small worry is to do with the removal company. I have been asigned Brittania Removals, and am a little scared after reading all the small print as it says that they will pay up to 40 for each good / item damaged by them. I have a 2000 flat screen TV and 1500 amp/sound system...I don't see 40 covering that...also my g/f is worried about our leather suite as that was around 4000...should I get extra insurance?

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      I had the removal company come round last friday. I raised this question with them and apparently it is being taken care of by my company. I do not need to do much really...feeling a bit helpless at the minute especially since I hate not having any control or real knowledge of what is happening. Shouldn't really complain however as it is one less thing to worry about.


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