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      Assessment for welfare work

      Hi everyone

      Haven't been on for a while so first congratulations to everyone who has got their visas.

      We are one of the unlucky ones caught up in the capital investment withdrawal and are looking at ways of increasing our point score so we don't have to wait anymore.

      One option is to have the main occupation reclassified and get 60 rather than 50 points. However, the assessment for a Welfare Worker isn't straightforward as my husbands degree is in social psychology not social work.

      Has anyone gone down this route. There are 33 compulsory competencies and 2 desirable one to satisfy, rather like an NVQ but as we are over 40 are not used to doingthis type of assessment.

      Anyone got any idea as to how long this takes to conpile and any pointers.



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      hi am a social worker the compentences are examples of your work you can answer them by givng a descriptiion of a task/ piece of work its the thinking about work gets easier once you start hope this helps


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