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    Thread: Time Line

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      Skills asesment sent mid april 07
      recieved back 21/5/07

      136 visa lodged 21/6/07
      police checks returned 8/11/07
      Visa granted 02/01/08

      Morgan landed adelaide 13/4/08
      Ali and kids landed adelaide 19/5/08

      Now living in Greenwith
      hope this helps. Never been through anything quite as frustrating as waiting for that visa!

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      Baldock Grays
      Timeline below - We feel guilty sometimes because our wait for a permy visa has been so much shorter than many

      16 Jan 08 - Skill assessment sent to ACS
      18th April 08 - ACS Assesment received (1224-11)
      22nd April 08 - ENS 121 Visa Application Submitted
      13th May 08 - Case officer assigned
      30th May 08 - Medicals complete
      26th June 08 - ENS nomination approved
      1st July 08 - ENS 121 Visa Approved - Adelaide bound in September

      Removals booked for 28th \ 29th August
      Flights booked for 6th Sept

      Even though our time has been shorter, we are still looking forward to getting to Adelaide so we can start living again.

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      our time line is our signature too

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      The Wise Family
      Quote Originally Posted by Martin and Val View Post
      Can I ask a silly question? What is `MET'

      All our documents on our check list changed from received to met on the 3rd July apart from our SA sponsorship. I think we would have got the visa on this date had our first CO sorted out the conformation back in april. Its the form 1100. Because we applied and got our SA sponsorship before the new changes, the email we received from SA all it said was that they would contact DIAC and we didn't have to do anything.

      Anyway I think they should be issuing quite a few 475 soon as when we phoned SA to make sure everything was ok they were so helpful. We spoke to the very person who had sent the form for us and he told me that there was 40 other peoples forms in the parcel too. He has been so helpful and has even phoned the department at DIAC about our form already being there and spoke to the senior decision maker on our behalf but they said it still had not been put on the system but they were checking it daily. Not surprised that it takes so long to our visa's if it takes more than five working days for one document to be put on the system.

      Oh well back to waiting again.

      Gina x

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      [quote=Baldock Grays;43775]Timeline below - We feel guilty sometimes because our wait for a permy visa has been so much shorter than many

      Please don't feel guilty, you have as much right to get there as quick as you can like everyone else. Good luck and we hope to hear your first-hand experiences when you get there!! :)

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      Quote Originally Posted by Martin and Val View Post
      Could I start a new thread off regarding the time scale of things. Not everybody lists this in their signature so how about a brief simple entry on this thread that can be referred to by others. I'm certain most look at this on other posts wondering how things compare with their own situation.

      I'll start it off with:

      475 Visa application e-lodged: 19th Nov 2007
      Front loaded Police checks and Meds: Jan & Feb 2008
      Application with decision maker: 6th May 2008

      Martin and Val
      Our time line is below, not got round to it before, GOOD LUCK with your house sale, wayne n louise.

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      Sharron & Andrew
      Hi All,

      Good luck to you all whatever stage in the process you are at.
      We are very early on and have just had our on-line skills assessment submitted to VetAssess by the agent and followed up with the paper copy. We hope to have an invitiation for Andrew to take the practical test in a months time, so I will be like many others and checking the mail each day waiting for the next bit of good news. Now we have to get all the other information in order so that we can apply for the visa asap after Andrew has passed the skills assessment (no pressure)!!!

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      Our details are in the signature. Have to say getting soooo fed up now. Was really hoping to relocate at beginning of Sept as didn't want my eldest son having to start Comp and then relocate to another school. As this is now only about 8 weeks away it's looking very unlikely. We are very fortunate as we sold our house in March and have a rental house, have asked the agent to email an enquiry through to DIAC for a confirmation of the status of our application. We have frontloaded the medicals and Police Checks in Feb/March so should go straight to Decision Maker but have heard nothing from DIAC since they acknowledged receipt of our application in November. I too, like Martin and Val, like a job as a Decision Maker when we finally get there..................

      Roz and co

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      our timeline is below - hopefully not too long now

      good luck to everyone else who is waiting:)

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      yes we are very stressed to say the least!!!! only 3 weeks today until we go and visa not here! the reason ours has been prosessed further after going to the dession maker was i hadnt changed my passport from my maiden name and they requested it to be changed into my married name!! this was done and sent back in march though!!!!!!


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