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      so frustrated! please advise me!

      hi we are currently going through the employer nomination scheme, I have been offered a job in Adelaide SA.
      we are supposed to be using "work permit" in london to fill out all the paperwork, but they are really slow at responding to anything i ask them to do - including calling me back.

      Was really excited as I got my letter of offer from my employer in Adelaide this morning - promptly sent it on to them, (after my employer was given wrong email address to send it to!). They emailed me at 11am & said they would get back to me before 6pm - & didnt!
      could anyone tell me if they have used this company before - or if they can recommend another company i would really appreciate any advice,
      also if anyone has gone this route in the past what sort of time scale they got there visa in,

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      Ian & Tanya
      I would also be interested in the time scale of the visa comming through, as I fly out tomorrow for a week to have interviews all week.!! :shock:

      I was told that a ENS usually takes from 3-7 months & a 457 temp visa normally takes from 5-12 weeks

      I am gonna try to talk them into a ENS visa, but alas, have been told by agents that they usually want to see how well you work and fit in, before commiting to you, so it looks to me like I will be going down the 457 (temp) route, followed by PR in 2 years time. :roll:



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