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      TRA photos

      Hi everyone

      I'm just about to send my skills assessment off (at last!) but need to know if the photos need to be signed on the back? If so, who by? Does there need to be an address?
      Hoping someones out there who's done this and can remember.

      Thanks in advance, Dags

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      Hi, I presume you are self employed? I had my TRA passed in February (I am a joiner). I sent in photo's of work done with customers name and address on the back but they weren't signed by anyone. Hope this is of some help. Paul. :D

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      Sorry JPT

      I did'nt make that very clear having just looked at my post. No, I meant the passport photos you have to provide of yourself in the application.

      My brain's in meltdown at the moment!

      Dags :?

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      The Bowmans
      Hi Dags

      I can't remember John having to get his pictures signed when he sent off his TRA application.

      From experience of the whole visa process, unless they specifically state something about photos being signed/copies certified etc it usually means they don't need it done.

      Can anyone else remember?


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      Hi Dags

      My hubby sent off our assessment a couple of weeks ago, to Vetassess, and had to have 2 passport photos signed by a Solicitor, Justice of the Peace, Magistrate, Notary Public or Commissioner for Declarations/Oaths. only. It had to say that they were certified as a true likeness of ........... and then signed.

      Hope this helps, pm if we can be of any further help.


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      We sent our TRA 3 weeks ago and we didn't get the passport photos signed. I read and re-read the instructions and was so anxious about doing everything they wanted that I am sure it didn't request for the photos to be certified. After all, you are sending a copy of your passport too so they can verify the photo against that one.

      I hate it when things like this do crop up because you do start to doubt yourself......... :shock:

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      I am sure it didn't request for the photos to be certified
      No our photo's were not certified, so you should be fine :)

      Good luck

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