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      Removal costs to adelaide

      Hi To all,
      Just had a quote from a removal firm to send our stuff to Adelaide.
      Thought i was being quite liberal, and not included the kitchen sink etc.!
      Average 3 bed semi .
      Any advice on good quotes and companies please?

      Sue David and Sam.

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      We used John Mason and I have to say they were exelent. No damage at all and the staff were very good both ends. We got 6 quotes and then played the best (not cheepest) 2 off against each other and got quite a good deal. The Insurance should also be looked at in detail as they will reduce their costs on that and some is better than others. Good luck

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      Thanks for that, Ali,
      Been quoted ( first quote ), nearly 3,500, is this way off the mark ?

      Sue David and Sam

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      We paid 4,149.23 for a 20ft container with all sininging and dancing insuraance for up to 20,000 watch out for the pairs and sets insurace It is genraly not included so if you don't take it and they damage 1 chair in your 3 piece suit they will replace only the chair!! it will be up to you to match it in. Thier are also coustoms fees that you will be responsible for of $375ish. Also thire is a risk that if your container is dirty you could be left to pick up the bill of up to $400+ apparently it dosen't happen much but it can. John Mason ran a slush fund where you paid in 15 and they would cover any cleaning bills that is included in what we paid.

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      Should have said our container arrived aprox 4 weeks ago!!

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      Sharon and Paul
      HI all, My mrs has been shopping around!, and Anglo Pacific quoted 2,788-00 +$ 300-00 the otherside for a 20ft container. storage here was good 125-00+vat per month they pack it all for you . ATB Paul

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      Hi, we used Robinson's international and found them excellent. We didn't quite have full container and our stuff took 8 weeks door to door. I would really recommend them and found them to have excellent customer service.

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      Hi Liz and Kris,
      Thanks for that
      Just done an on-line removal valuation with Robinsons.
      An office quite near to us.
      A lot more stuff will have to be on ebay i think.
      Sue David Sam


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