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      isnt that what I always say???? Get it on the market ASAP. There is nothing worse than a visa in the passport and no bugga to buy your house!
      Just when you think you are stressed getting the vise along comes the house sale and it is far worse.

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      alan smallman
      Hi Lisa

      Just read your thread. my opinion is the same as everyone else's - get it on the market asap. Our house has been up since April and I know we have a long way to go yet before we see any 'daylight'. We've been assessed by the South Australian Nursing Board, we had our Police Checks done, and we've even been over and got jobs (at the Memorial Hospital). We have completed the e-visa but have not had the bottle to process the application yet as it could all fall apart if our sponsors withdraw their offers of jobs for me and the missuss (see my thread 'Confused.com). It's a worry and the only saving 'grace' (if you can call it that) is that we are not the only ones - we all seem as tho we're in it together!!! I wouldn't bother with the fire-place - if your house is perfect people will still find some fault with it. We haven't dropped the price of our house at the mo (think it might be likely). You know what'll happen tho - we'll drop it by say 20,000 and someone will (if we're lucky that is) offer 20,000 less in addition to the reduced price. We can't win at the moment, but we have to stay positive!!! Easier said than done!! What is this country coming to aye??

      Best of luck


      Alan & Pauline

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      anna niks
      as many others have replyed ,, yes get the house up now ,, it took us nearly a year to sell ours , thought it would never go , and its ment to be harder to sell now . ours went just before the prices started to drop so we were lucky . if you sell quicker than expected theres always someone who will put you up . good luck x x x :)

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      hey thanks for the tip about not mentioning we emigrating - I would probably say that.

      We have taken everyone's advice and are putting it up in the next weeks after ordering new carpet, finishing garden, etc.

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      As everyone else says put your house for sale now.

      We have our visa since the 1st of Feb but can't sell our house, we have to validate the visa by the 21st Jan. We thought we would be in Adelaide by September, not going to happen now!!

      Richard (Dylan), Ffion, girl 10 & boy 8
      Arrived in Adelaide 14th Nov 2008


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