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      woody crew

      has any1...

      Hi all,
      has anyone taken a moterhome over from England, What company did you use?
      Was it a roll on roll off or crated?
      If you dont mind me asking what did it cost you?

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      Hi Woody crew, you had any luck with this?

      I was looking to send my VW camper over but have been advised against it as prices for replacement vans are said to be quite cheap??

      I priced it up in a shared container for about 2500 (with tax), roll on south England, roll off Adelaide. I was told there is also allot of red tape to sort including you have had to have been the owner of the vehicle for a year??

      My van is worth about 6k so I'm going to hold on to it suss out the OZ campervan market over there and if I can't find anything ship it over in a year or two.

      I'd be interested in your finding on this and any other PIA's experiences.

      good luck, Paul

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      Try www.tradingpost.com.au should give you some ideas on price to replace. One thing to think about is weather or not it has air con. We thought about bringing our caravan but decided against it because it had'nt got air con.


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