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      TRA Timescales???

      Hi All

      Feeling really impatient how does it take for TRA to come back usually. We sent ours 3 weeks ago it was acknowledged last Monday. Please tell me it should be any day now.

      Dont know how we will cope if we are sucessful and can go ahead for VISA. the wait should be an olympic sport.

      Thanks Kimberley

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      Don't panic, once you've had your acknowledgement you should hear now within the next week or two at the max. My husband and I were the same, very impatient, but it all came good and I am sure you will.

      Good luck


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      Hi Kimberely

      We sent our assessment off about the same time as you, only ours went to Vetassess, and had our acknowledgment last monday too. It really is painful this waiting game isnt it. If we past this stage, we still have to wait for SA sponsorship, before we can go for Visa. The nails really will be in a bad state.

      Lets hope we both get a reply very soon. Good Luck.


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      Thanks for the reasurrances girls. I had to bite the bullet this morning and email our agent I just needed some sort of contact.

      When do you expect to get to Adelaide and any clue to which suberb you might live??

      Thanks again


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      Our TRA took 6 and half weeks to come back!

      You shouldnt be waiting to long now!

      Dan and Steph
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      Hi Kimberely

      If all goes well, would hope to be in Adelaide by next May, sooner if poss, but still need to sell house etc, once we have Visa (fingers crossed).

      Not sure on areas, but will probably be heading south/south east, most things seem pretty close over there. Have you any ideas, where you want to locate to.

      Let us know when your TRA comes through.


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      Hiya kim,
      don't worry chicken, mine was sent same day as yours and took a week an a bit to be confirmed which made me think it was gonna be a while but bang there it was totally out the blue. We just felt a relief when it was sent away, after all the strain of getting all of it put together we just put it out of our minds because there nothing more you can do! enjoy the break for a week. I think it just depend's on how busy your department is that month, as they say " She'll be right mate".



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