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      alan smallman

      What to do? Confused.com!!!!!

      Hi All!

      I'm afraid we have got to the stage where (from an Oz point of view) everything appears to be going along as planned, but on a UK front (for reasons we are all aware of) every thing we attempt to do isn't working out. We can't sell house at the moment (oh, really?) or the two cars and we appreciate this is all to do with the credit crunch. Thing is, we are in the position of having to just pay the fee and click on the button to launch our application for a visa (457) having obtained our jobs at the Memorial Hospital. We have had our Police clearances done and references sent, and we've even been assessed by the NBSA (all we have to do here, once again is send off our registration fee to gain our registration - obviously we'll do that nearer the time to our eventual departure).

      What we''re afraid of is that, (and we appreciate there are no guarantees anyway) we'll jump through all the right hoops for OZ and gain our visa only for it to be withdrawn (or fall apart) as our employers won't agree to sponsor us beyond the time (whatever time that ends up to be) it takes for us to either; (i) sell the house and organise the move OR (2) rent the house and organise the move. If they withdraw their application everything will fall apart. We've thought about renting the house out but no-one seems to be interested in renting either. So................................there is a question at the end of this (soz about the moan - I'm not one usually to wallow in self-pity!!!!!!) We've even thought about one of us going over to 'set up' and then when things improve in the UK enough for our house to have been sold, the rest follow, but that is an extreme measure that neither of us would actually want to initiate as the disruption it would cause doesn't bare thinking about.

      So, the question is; does anyone know (and I appreciate I could get clarification from DIMA but you guys are always more informative), having gained a 457 visa if there is a time limit on it? And would our visa still be 'active' if our sponsors pull out (s'pose not aye?). We have written to our sponsors to obtain clarification and we are awaiting their reply. Does anyone know (roughly) how long a visa like this takes to be granted? What's 'crack' regarding having to activate it when you get it?

      Apologies again for the 'downer' - I think I just needed to post something to get things off my chest. As always, ANY light you could shed on this subject would be welcome.


      Anybody out there really cheesed off having gone to Adelaide and wants to move back? We have an immaculate 4-bedroomed house with garage, conservatory, private well-stocked rear garden and block-paved drive-on/drive-off frontage situated in a (normally) well sought-after area just outside Boston? Nah!! Didn't think so (but it was worth a try - you have to agree!!!). Ask a silly question...........................

      Thanks for taking an interest in this post guys/gals.


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      We are sort of in the same situation but further along. We have our visa (175), I have a job at the Women and Childrens Hospital but we can't get rid of the house, nearly there but things just aren't happening. My job haven't said anything but I am sure they will only wait so long!!! If I lose that job we cannot go until I get another one as we don't have the money behind us to go without me having a job. I think all you can do is remain positive and if it is what you really want go for it. We have unti l 6th December to validate so are on a tight time schedule.

      Good luck with it all and keep positive

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      Hi Alan
      As Tracey says 'stay positive' it's the only thing you can do at the moment.
      I feel like screaming as we only have a 3 year temp visa so even if we spend the 7 grand on flights to validate the visa we are on limited time to move so we can fulfill the criteria to get PR
      Hang tight for now - you don't have much choice

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      alan smallman

      Thanks for your support

      Thank you both for your support and your positivity. I am feeling sorry for myself and it's easy to do that - guess at times like these your resolve to do what you really want to do is tested to the hilt. Amidst all this doom and gloom we still want to go. One good thing is that our prospective employers have been fantastic - they've said that as long as we keep them posted they will agree to keep our jobs open for an extended period - a reflection on their personal integrity we feel and ultimately on the organisation which we hope to join. Never mind me anyway, here's hoping things work out for you and your families! Thank you for 'listening'.

      Kind regards & god bless
      Alan & Pauline.

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      alan smallman


      Hi Trakki

      Just looked at where you are based. Are you working for ULHT? Most people know me at Boston as Jasper (at Pilgrim). understand if you don't want to highlight where you work but I just thought 'small world' and all that.



      The Bald Brummie - hence Jasper!!!


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