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      hi, really need help

      long story but its important as its a father could lose his son thing.

      Now i lived in the uk with my girlfriend and son but we fell out and she decided to stupidly go to australia with my son as her parents have been there for over a year, but before she left we made up and she was unsure about going after that.
      But the day came and i had the last few minutes left with my son( he was a sleep in my arms and i didnt want him to go). but as soon as they left i just wanted to go and get them in which i did.(her parents cant stand me for daft reasons and getting to involved with our relationship) like example if we had a dissagreement her mother would start having ago at me that sort of thing. to be honest and i aint meaning to sound nasty to her parents but they seem very selfish and childish as they can see me, ray-louise and our son are happy but still wont talk to me or get on with me, i thought if they were only wanting the best for her and our son then having smiles on their faces would be a great thing for them, but its not and for someone to come over here with nothing and leave all their family shows alot about how serious they are.

      But anyways within about 1 month of been here they asked me to fill in a form for my son to stay here a extra 6 months as when my girlfriend got her visa our son was not born so they have to add him to ray-louises visa in which they are doing, anyways i looked at the form and put down i therefore allow lewis to stay an extra 6 months and thats it signed it etc....
      But then when they came back from handing in that form her mother said they decided to go for a full visa which they dont need my consent for???? how is that and is that true. i aint on a full visa as yet i am going down this week to find out what i can do.
      But how do they need my consent for a 6 month extended visa but not a full visa???? is it true, they said they went higher up then the visa company but i doubt very much they could go higher then goverment.
      They said they paid 10,000 for this visa and that i have no right about lewis's visa, i was thinking australia couldnt be like that spilting a father up from his son and giving the father no say in the matter at all.

      I have heard many people say they couldnt go to australia because of the father of their son says no, how can this be different for her family, i think her parents are on a skilled visa and they dont have the perament visa yet.
      If anyone has any information about this consent then please say something as i believe she has foraged my consent, i made sure on the 6 months visa that she couldnt change anything on the paper and it was checked by a police officer for their consent or something aint to sure so i dont see they could of used that, unless they foraged my signature from the paper. i really dont know, sorry about my spelling by the way it is really poor.
      any information is a real big help, as i dont want to lose my son if there is nothing i can do about my visa, girlfriend says she would come back to uk if i cant but i just want to check to make sure

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      Is your son English or Australian born? Are you named on your son's birth certificate? Which country's passport does he hold?

      What visa does your girlfriend hold?

      You can not buy a visa, well not a legal one anyway. You have to meet the correct requirements and that would mean proving to the family court that there are no custody battles.


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      He is english and also holds a english passport, i am on the birthcertifate(my spelling is bad) i think her family got a working skilled visa which automaticaly my girlfriend gets hers with it been her family and they added my son to my girlfriends visa.

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      I think you need to seek legal advice ASAP. Contact the families court and ask their advice.

      My heart goes out to you, I think this is a really hard situation. But please please do what is best for your son, not what is best for you.

      Don't make this a personal fight with her family because even if you are awarded access and visits with your son, he will still be mainly programmed by your girlfriends family as to the kind of man (in their opinion) that you are.

      Don't personally attack her family and do not stoop down to their level, any verbal attacks on them should be done privately and without their knowledge, whatever they say to you ask them to put in writting to your solicitor then walk away from their verbal attacks. Everytime you get verbal back at them you are just giving them more ammunition to use against you.

      Remain polite when her family are around.

      Your son should have his own visa in his passport, visa's can not be shared they only apply to the person named on them.

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      I'm confused (yeah I know it don't take much :lol: ) How has she got on her parents visa? I thought she could only be included if she was a dependant. If she was living with you then surely she isn't classed as such. :? :?

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      yeah i have been thinking whats best for him and i know its a better life style here for him, but not with her family i dont think it is, as they have ignored him for 2 weeks now and blank him when he is with me and only use him when they know its going to affect me(if you know what i mean) before he was born they wanted rid of him and they were trying their hardest to get rid of him by offering ray-louise money etc etc( i dont know what sort of parent does that sort of thing) and now that didnt work they try to be involved trying to push me and my family out the way.
      I have never known anything like it there is loads and loads but to many to list.
      Her family planned on going to australia ages ago and sorted all their visas out before my son was born, the whole family like her mam , dad and her 2 brothers including her all got visas.

      Sorry if i am giving useless information just my head is all over the place. just since been here i have grown such a bond with my son and is always asking where i am etc..... best feeling in the world

      At the minture me and the girlfreind are looking for a place for a short term as we just found out the 300 dollars we are paying her family each week could get us a place of our own. plus ray-louise is missing her mates back at home so thats why we want to see if its because we both find it really hard living with her parents and see if if we can enjoy australia in our own space because her parents are giving her a hard time because she is with me blanking her doing nothing for her and daft things like that, i mean we pay our way clean the house everyday we do our best and leave no mistake , but they still hate me and admitted they will never like me no matter what i do, and all this does affect our son.

      Thank you very much for the information your are giving me, all is helping


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