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      Angry My Visa Connections Update

      I have just spoken to ACS In Sydney and they have told me that they have no record of me on their system and that the application number that Visa Connections have given me is wrong.

      I Strongly urge anyone who is still will Visa Connections to get in touch with them A.S.A.P as i will be doing so in the morning.

      I will keep you all up to date with what is happening.

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      Hi Andrew

      I am so very sorry to read your news, though I have to say that I half-expected it when the ACS "reference number" that you were given failed to work. You are, unfortunately, not the first of the VC clients to whom something like this has happened.

      Presumably you paid x to VC for their assistance? What about the fees payable to ACS for the skills assessment? Did you give VC the money to pay ACS on your behalf?

      Are you anywhere near Edinburgh such that you could go to see Clare when she reappears as promised by Danielle?

      Best wishes


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      Finally had a bit of news from VC that i do now have a registered agent called Christine Rodan No:- 9358487 but still no ACS Confermation. Still Dont know what to do about it all though.
      Also the registered agent is a part of http://www.erskinerodan.com.au/

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      Sorry to hear your news. You pay an agent to make the whole process easier. Can't imagine the stress you are going through. We used an agent in Oz (OH had a meet on his reccie and they have been excellent). I hope you get things resolved ASAP as it's all so stressful!


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