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      oh my,
      i just read this post.....i have those anxieties now, and i haven't even got my visa!
      i am expecting the changes; i expect it to be difficult at first, espesh as the kids are a bit ambivalent about going....

      we have friends all over the country, mostly having left our region; e-mails, phone calls...... there will be little difference on the communication front, except time zones!! social life doesn't exist here now, and the weather is too awful to play golf or tennis:)

      i have contacted several rental agents, all say they wont rent to us until we arrive, so holiday let it is...........even if only for a couple of weeks!

      fortunately, this forum has given me plenty of useful info; and some ideas about school etc; a bonus, and i thank you!

      have a good day

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      Quote Originally Posted by laura girling View Post
      To all the guy's who are homesick for England,
      Including myself who was rushing back to get my Son in school for Sept. Im still here and with my tongue in cheek I have the notion in my head that when our lease is up in Jan 09 i'll be returning to England.

      With all this in mind, I now want to stay I think this is bizzarr.
      Is it the fact I know going home is an option, or the sun's come out to play, or even the fact that our lives here are now developing at long last.
      The kids are okay at school here, little Atheletics is starting on Friday so that's a good social outlet, The parents at Kindy are friendly, im begining to build up lovely friendships.
      OMG what do I do, I have a 12 year old who is so so so excited about returning to his friends and senior school.

      And to all home sickers if you want a new friendship PM me and i'll give you my number.

      You now owe it to yourself Laura to get out there and grab Australia By the Boll**cks, if its taken a huge wobble to settle down then so be it .....really glad to see your change of thought......come on give it a go all that effort to get here.

      Cheers Graham


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