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      Hi all! :?: Can anyone help answer my question as I said I'd ask the experts on this forum. Some friends of ours are interested in making the jump to oz but don't think they'll get in as she has been on ADs for a couple of years now. They would be applying using his points so hubby would be the visa applicant.

      1) Does this issue affect the application process?
      2) Will it crop up in the medical?

      - basically is it worth them applying? We didn't seem to think this mattered as it is the hub who will be the main applicant but....... If anyone could help, that would be great.

      Gra and Jac x

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      The Bowmans
      Hi Gra and Jac

      As far as I can remember it doesn't crop up on the application form (or on the SA sponsorship form) but during the medical questionnaire you are required to disclose whether you are on any medication and what sort of medical conditions you have.

      I don't think it will be too big a problem as her OH will be the principal applicant. I have arthritis which I disclosed at my medical, I had to get a doctor's report from my GP for inclusion with the meds and although mine took 6 (anxious) days more than John's to be finalised, it was and it was fine.

      As I understand it, the things that will get a flat refusal/cause problems are TB and HIV.

      I would say go for it!

      Good luck to your friends - keep us posted.


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      this has been on the boards for a while but i thought i'd share what i know!!!! i am on ADs and had no problems from a medical point of view.i'm on a spouses visa so maybe thats why but i say nothing ventured nothing gained. go for it!!!!

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      dp n dd

      WE have had our medicals and my oh who is the main applicant is on ads and has been for years we didnt have any problems at all they didnt ask for extra info or anything. Our only prob is my son who had a bone marrow transplant when he was 2 and now hes 10 they want to know everything and this has held us up getting our visas but everything has now been sent so just waiting for them to say YES or NO.

      So tell your friends to go for it :)

      Heres hoping

      Jeanette n Paul


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