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      Length of time to use visa once granted??


      We are wondering how long we get to use the visa once it has been granted? Is it a year? We want to apply for the visa asap to avoid any changes in the process coming in and missing out but we are not ready to move for about 2 years. Does anyone know if once the visa is granted we can hold off using it for a while? we will be applying for a state sponsored provisional visa which we are assuming will take about 1 year to be granted anyway.
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      Visa must be validated by a set date (usually one year from meds/police checks). If you get your visa and not ready to move you can travel over to validate. It stated on our visa letter that the visa cannot be extended.

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      Sharon and Paul
      Hi Emma, Our visa has to be validated by may 4th , we had about 11 months notice?, All 4 of us will have to go to get that stamp, so a quick holiday is in order ,then we will have 5 years to get over there. the way house selling is going here we proberly need most of that???? But hay look on the bright side the $ is on the up ? Atb Paul .


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