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      Hi all, just to update you - according to our agents I would only qualify for a temporary visa even with a permanent job offer (not sure why and how this works) but this is what they have said. Therefore now this offer is not so attractive especially with no chance of getting PR at the end of it. Can anyone shed any light on this as surely someone else out there must be going out to Adelaide with a job offer on a permanent visa!!!

      The employer in Brisbane has told me that he will speak to his Local Politician about the matter and the Queensland Printing Association has they have a big employement problem at the moment in the trade.

      So not sure where I stand at the minute and this is really messing with my head!!!!!!


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      Summers in brisbane can be hell within 5 mins of being outside the sweat is dripping off you and i mean dripping off you, and yes theres no beaches in brisbane itself but they do have one of the best water parks just a few kilometers south and nimbins only round the corner if u fancy a joint. i myself didnt fall in love with brisbane but we are all different

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      Hi there,

      I think the permanent residency, with the job sponsorship sounds brill.

      Can I ask..how did you get the job? Were you applying through agencies?

      I'm hoping to pass my ACS shortly and I'm thinking of applying for jobs before visa comes through. Looking at it as another route to get there really.

      Best of luck with your choice...I'm sure it'll be the right one for you.

      kind regards

      Carol Ann

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      Hi Carol Ann, thanks for message - I just started to target companies in my relevant field of industry and just by chance someone passed my details onto this company by chance - So I feel quite lucky. But do email propspective employers to see what kind of response you get - mine have been quite favourable.

      Let us know how you get on and good luck - get emailing them.

      You might need to send them a copy of your CV - I did and also sent them PDF versions of my current work samples etc.

      Hope that helps a little


      Paul x

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      Good luck with your decision - what a dilemma. I must admit I thought after 2 years of being sponsered with a company you got PR. Oh dear. We where also torn between Adelaide and Brisbane (and Perth), chose Adelaide over Brisbane purely due to the weather, Neil a metal fabricator - very hot work in a very hot climate!

      Sure something will come up soon to sway you one way or the other

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      hey paul, i dont know any more about your situation than youve put in this thread, but thought id chuck a comment in anyway! it sounds like you had got your head quite into gear for heading to SA, so can see why it would be messing with your head. It may be just how ive read this, but is it possible that actually you were quite happy with the sa idea and thats why this has caused such stress? this might sound very basic, and you may well have done it already, but have you tried writing a list of pluses and negatives about brissy vs s.a? sometimes seeing things written down can help them feel clearer? obviously you'll be in a better position to choose once you have all the info (sorry i cant help with that bit either!). remember just because the offer is there does not mean you wouldnt get other offers in S.a, that option is no less good than it was before. So as much as it is confusing, you are no worse off than you were before, if you see what i mean?! best of luck choosing anyway, and remember that whatever you do it does not have to be permanent. there will be other chances to move, other jobs and all the rest...! steph


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