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      RSMS Visa

      Hi would like to ask if anyone is going the RSMS route? i have been offered a job in adelaide & my employer has never sponsored before, after much research this seems to be the best route!

      any information about the process would be gratefully received

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      Hi there,

      Me and family are in the middle of this process, and its seems a breeze up to now, we`ve got to the stage where DIMA in South Australia have agreed to the vacancy being applicable to a RSMS, the paperwork has now been sent to DIAC for their approval, then when all that is done, we apply for our visas.

      I feel somedays it is going to take forever, but all good things come to those who wait :D

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      We are also going down the RSMS route and are at the same stage as lastboyscout. We are hoping to get our visa label number withing the next week or so then we can start the process from this end. Got to send all of our documents to the Adelaide Business Centre for them to marry up with the employer nomination documents. Does anyone have any ideas on how to send the visa fee?

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      Lastboyscout, what sort of work are you going to be doing? It sounds like our nominations are about the same stage. Are you going to the Marlbrook on 23rd June?



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