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      private health care


      Dose anyone have private health care?

      Is it worth it ?and how much dose it cost on average?

      The reaserch continues.

      I guess we will be relying on people allready in oz for this one.

      thanks in advance

      ali and co

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      Red face

      hi private health care - depending on visa you may be entitled to medicare check it out - it is free!
      if you have entitlement to medicare you can claim back up to 75% if you go to see a private doctor/specialist
      if not basic plans start at a about $30AUD pp, they will treat you then you pay & claim back! or i believe you can request to be billed to medicare (not 100% about this!)the 1 thing we were told was to take out ambulance cover about $100 AUD per year - but if you dont have it & you need 1 you will be charged $800AUD!
      they do have a shortage of dentists as well so we did look at cover for both but again free if you are entitled to medicare
      guess it is like everything the better the cover the more the cost
      check out the links to find out more;
      hope this helps you

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      Sorry to tell you this but dentists are NOT free with medicare.
      Even for the kids we have to pay $35 a year with the school dentist and if they need braces you have to pay lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.


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      Thanks for that we knew some of those details but not all.

      We just wondered if it was worth it as if we are going to take it out we have to do it in the first 12 months or we will get a loading for beeing old ie over 30:D

      ali and co

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      Hi sorry i was under the impression that dental was free under the SADS as below (copied & pasted from the SA immigration website).

      As Betty is out there worth listening to her! I guess the clue is in the fact they are willing to admit the waiting times are considerably long!

      Steph x :)

      Dental Services

      Dental services are provided largely by private practitioners. However, the South Australia Dental Service operates a free, comprehensive dental care program for school children from its school-based clinics. It also provides general and specialist dental care through the Adelaide Dental Hospital and various community dental clinics throughout the State for people who are financially disadvantaged. Please note that there is a considerable waiting list for access to this service.

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      Hi Ali,

      Private medical is worth considering if you need glasses, dentists, orthodentists or any specialist care.

      If you are just run of the mill, bog standard, no worries, its up to you.
      We have been fine and have paid out about $500 in just over 2 years for scans,dentists and physio. If we had private cover it would have cost us around $4000+ in premiums over this period of time. The hospitals here are great(so i have been told) so if you get sick you are well covered under medicare system.
      So for us it just isn't worth it. Get ambo cover though $106 a year for the family. Available from the post office.




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