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      Main occupation not on new list

      Well first of all hello, ive been looking through this forum for about the last 6 months and its been very useful, thankyou. Up until now i've had no need to post anything, until today!!!

      Basically myself and my wife have just started the whole process for regional sponsorship with an agent. Her occupation was on the list and she has been approved by Vetasses for this occupation using her degree.
      This job, Occupational Health & Safety has now been removed however there is another occupation which loosely covers her role and our agent has advised that she can apply for a re-issue of the Vettasses for this new role and will be granted it , again due to her degree.
      My question is this, at what point does she need to prove her involvment in this new role and how? We are unsure whether her manager will bend the truth in a reference so will it even be possible?

      Any advice/thoughts will be gratefully received


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      I'm not sure about the Vetasses route as mine was done via Australian Computer Society, I have a good relationship with my boss, plus I wrote all my own references and he just signed them. this is an option you could try.

      For me, it was just references of employment in a specific job title, duties and responsibilities, to prove I do the job I am claiming to do, plus the certification of course.

      Good luck


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      We had a complication like this too. I too wrote my own references and just gave them to my referrees to sign. I focussed heavily on the areas of my job that fitted the job outline specified, playing down the other parts.

      Worked for me



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