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      TRA "true copies"

      Has anyone had their True Copies certified by a doctor? I have had quotes from a solicitor which are really expensive to certify them. I am looking to ask my doctor to certify them instead. If you have, did you use any particular wording or provide proof of the GP's practising cert etc

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      I am sure that you can take them along to your local court where a JP (justice of the peace)they shoudl be able to certify them for free! - i have had documents certified this way in the past (we are in Scotland) But cant see why you cant do it this way? let me know how you get on

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      The Bowmans
      Hi there

      We had our copies certified by the doctor who did our medicals for us. He charged us 25 to do the lot and stamped them all with his official company stamped and signed them. It was really easy and much cheaper than I had been quoted by solicitors/notaries.

      Deena :)


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