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      Visa validation, on arrival

      What do we need to do when we get get to Australia to validate the visa, do we need any other paperwork with it, or just our passports? When does it have to be done? (PR visa)
      Laura x

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      If you have PR, you need nothing but your passport!
      dunno about any other visa though!
      We arrived on Tuesday, they never even stamped the visa, nobody said welcome to Australia and The Government hadn't offered us a welcome reception either!!! LOL!!
      However, Kat and Martin met us at the airport and have helped us find our feet since we've arrived.
      Ali x

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      Flipping Heck after all the trouble, expense and worry I was hoping for a brass band

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      Tell me about it, we're gutted!!!

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      What no Aussie Chippendales either????


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