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      Perm visas

      Hi everyone,

      Was wondering if anyone could help. As OH job as just been taken of the list and we are now applying with me as the main applicant. I was struggling to find jobs in my occupation however was told that it did not matter whether i fulfilled the one year in my nominated occupation as i was able to work in any occupation and that my OH could work the full year to fulfil the criteria of the visa.

      However my concern is that when the time comes to apply for a permanent visa do you not have to have worked for the 3yrs out of the last 4 in your nominated occupation so you can claim the points for your perm visa. Does working in your chosen occupation have to run consecutive? Don't understand how it works as i've been told that you need to prove that you have been working for 3yrs out of 4 in your chosen occupation so you can claim your points when you apply.

      Any information would be greatly appreciated

      Thanks Jo and Tom

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      We are on a 496 temp visa and we have been led to believe that as long as we have lived there for 2 years and one of us has worked for a year within that time we can apply for perm residency. It does not matter that we got the visa on my O/H's occupation as long as we work at something for the year.
      Not sure what temp visa you are on but this is deffinately what we were told about ours


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