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      Baby food on flight


      i am about to fly out with my one year old boy, and have been wondering what people do with regards to baby food. I think for the first leg from London to Singapore I will be fine as I can buy some hipp jars in boots after security, but my worry is from Singapore to Adelaide as they seem to have the same security rules from what I have read about liquids e.t.c so wasnt sure what to do...any suggestions ???

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      Hi there
      Get in touch with your airlines and ask them the questions. When we came out, we flew with Singapore Airlines and my youngest was 18mths and I vaguely remember them offering a baby meal with a jar of food. Kenya by that stage was more interested in real food, so we took a kids meal.
      The airline will be aware that they have a baby on board so will have food, but get in touch and double check, that way you don't have to worry about buying stuff in the airport.

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      We took some fruit pots and full fat milk on the flights for our 2 year old a couple of weeks ago and security was fine with it being 'baby' food. We had to taste the milk and make sure you take it in your own container and not in a milk carton. As for jar food I think they will be ok as long as you clear bag it when it goes through security so they can check it. Also we found the staff great on our flight, make sure you get the stewards to put anything you need in the fridge for you. It's a long flight and and milk will go off. Do check with your airline as well.
      Good luck with the journey.


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