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      Advise for plumbers

      Just thought i'd give a bit of advise to any plumbers who are coming out here soon. Dont think that just because you've done your TRA or vetasses in the UK that it is easy to get your licence. Its a pain in the arse. Ive been sent all over the place by idiots who dont know what there talking about then only to find that ive wasted my time. To become a fully licenced plumber and gas fitter be prepared to have to go to college, and pay for the privalige. Im a fully qualified plumber and corgi registered and ive still got to go. Its not for long in most cases but a little bit annoying. Its the same for everyone. I wont go into all of the specifics but if anyone needs any help or advise when they get here send me a PM or give me a call on 0485599693. Hopefully i can help some of you out so you dont waste your time like i have.


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      Nicky, Alan and Kids
      Yep hubby had to same problem, spent a whole day running around and not getting anywhere, he gave up in the end and now fits car ports and pergolas

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      ste n sasha
      My husband is a gasfitter and its been a bloody nightmare he is having to do this course. We have been here a year and its only now he has finally found a job doing his gasfitting.

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      This problem does need highlighting regularly!!

      I'm gobsmacked that migration agents or DIMIA do not warn tradies that they will probably have to have a license!!!

      I did hear quietly yesterday that a correspondence course with a few days practical here is coming along.That will make things so much easier.

      For those looking into it have a stickybeak at............


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      Im quite interested as we are in the process of obtaining our visa but my son who is 18 and a fully qualified corgi registered gas & heating engineer is looking to come with us.

      Unfortunatley he was completing his final year at college as a gas surveyor when he has been laid off (today) but got a few contacts in the pipeline.

      I would be interested to find out how he would get a job in Adelaide and the college thing as we are still unsure how we are getting him to Oz (our application is difficult enough) as although he is fully qualified he doesnt meet the time spent in a job to apply in his own right so he was thinking of coming on a holiday visa so going to college may help him.

      Thanks for any info.


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