Soon the hour of reckoning will be upon us!Our goods are soon to arrive in Adelaide,not so sure we did the right thing bringing it out,as there is no room for it all in our rented accomodation,the old maxim"if you can live without it all for 3 months,then you can probably live without it"has come home to haunt in our circumstance,as we have not sold our house in the UK,perhaps we should have left it all in the loft!Looks like we now are going to transfer most of it to storage in Adelaide,not ideal,or cheap.Also,we shall be moving to another rental in 10 months.Anyway,advice to others would be to think very carefully what to ship and not to ship whilst still having major links back home.Still,its all in the game of life,and Adelaide is lovely,so whats a hiccup or two,Ha!