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      Leigh and Nick

      Visa problem - hope not

      Can anybody advise me please. We are just starting the whole process but I am concerned about a caution I may have received from the police over 15 years ago when I was young stupid and had a few too many to drink. Basically i caught my then boyfriend in bed with my flat mate, it all kicked off and I seem to remember having to write a statement but I am not sure if it was a caution or not and can not even remember when it happened. I have never had any dealings with the police since that horrible night and I was really hoping never to have to tell anyone about it but of course I had to tell my partner (which was humiliating) so that it can be put down on our visa application. Do you think we will be declined a visa for this or not? Please advise if you can!!!!!

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      A caution will not stop you from getting your visa. Just make sure that you put a detailed description of what happened along with dates etc on your visa application.

      Greg was a little naughty in his younger years and we got through ok :D


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      Leigh and Nick
      Thank you so much for replying. I have been streesing and thinking that we wont be accepted all because I was silly years ago. The thing is I cant even remember dates of when it happened, any ideas on how I would find this out?


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      Hi Lisa is right as long as you don't try to hide it, it should be fine!

      am sure that they are only keeping out the bad guys! (sounds like your ex got off lightly i might have murdered him -then again nahhh; no bloke is worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

      good luck & take care
      steph x

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      Leigh and Nick
      Hi, thanks for helping to put my mind at rest. Too true - no man is worth it!!!

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      You could always request a police check which will list anything and only costs 10. You can request another further along too when needed by your case officer :)


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      Be up front & honest. Ashley received a public order offence (swearing) 20 years ago, it showed up on his PC, we got our visa ok.

      It will be fine. Good luck.
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      tiger fan
      not to go into too many details but we had a similar thing and had to write and explain the circumstances.for a while we thought we were scuppered but it all happened a long time ago and we were granted visas. just be honest. if it was a caution then it may not even show up on your police check!!! i'm sure our police checks came to us first so youll know if theres anything to explain

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      Leigh and Nick
      Thanks Definately a caution I didn't go to court so fingers crossed we will be ok.

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      dp n dd

      Don't let it worry you how about this one what i did and nothing has come back.

      I went on a working holiday visa to Sydney when i was 18 ( am now 38 :()
      supposedly for 6 months but decided to outstay my welcome and got deported when i was 21 whooooops !!

      I had to give dates which i didn't know exactly but my agent found this out for me and also had to explain why. Nothing has come back on it.

      We are at our final stage waiting for our visa.

      So I'm sure you will be alright its not as if you committed a murder.

      Very best of luck :)

      Jeanette n Paul xx


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