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      Rachel & Jeff

      Medicals - costs and timing

      Our visa application was sent to ASPC yesterday so now I'm starting to think about the medicals.

      Any info anyone has on costs would be useful specifically for any doctors in or near Gloucestershire.

      Also has anyone had the medical before waiting to be asked and if so how do you know what blood tests they will want.


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      Hi Rachel

      We found the costs varied a lot for our meds so it is worth phoning around. We lived in Devon at the time but travelled to Southampton and saved about 200 which paid for the weekend away :D

      Our costs for 2 adults (with extra blood test each for tatts) and 1 child was 470 for meds and xrays. We asked if we got discount for cash and saved 10% too :p

      We frontloaded our meds before they were requested. You can download the forms online and the panel doctor will know what tests are required.



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