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      Question How long.........

      Hi all, I'm sure this has been asked before, but I am unable to find the answer. We are going for our medicals next week and have already been assigned a case officer in Aus so we were wondering roughtly how longer after (if all is okay) will we be given visa's???? (136) I'ts all sooooooo exciting!

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      Hi there i think it like the million dollar question! & i guess the answer is is depends but as a rough guide from other posts i have read in the past 2-4 weeks seems to be the norm?
      i am sure someone will look at your post who is applying under the same visa & will be able to be more accurate! but i hope this helps you a bit!:o

      steph x

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      Thanks for the quick reply Steph, as you can gather we are just sooo excited and impatient. Lorna.

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      We went on an SIR495 visa and had our meds finalised on 8th Dec and got visa on 12th Feb so was a bit longer than 4 weeks :o It seems to vary a lot depending on how on the ball your CO is.


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      Hi JPT

      We are at the same stage as you. All info now rec'd by DIAC on 24/5. From what i've heard it is a case of just sitting back and waiting. Some i know on the 136 that lodged all info 2 weeks ago have there Visa, freinds from Jan haven't so i think just depends on Case Officer, and the luck of the draw.



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