Just a quickie in case anyone else wasn't aware.
I have never got registered with medicare! OH did but I didn't as was covered by travel insurance anyway.
Thought that I had better get myself sorted as it's embarrassing seeing everyone do it in their first week and I've now been here two plus years!
The reason for posting this is the lady at Medicare told me that I couldn't apply on OH's present card as it is due to run out in March 2009 (end of temp residency visa) I enquired about what I do as need to see the quack. The lady advised me to apply for PR - I explained that we already did this on 8th September but immigration have a backlog at the moment and are still dealing with Dec 2007. The lady said oh no if you bring in the proof that you have applied and the bridging visa (they supply you with this straight away as they obviously know how long they are going to take) were you not aware that you can apply to change your medicare entitlement straight away as it's covered by the bridging visa anyway. I said no wasn't aware was there much difference between the temporary and permanent residency on medicare as we're covered by the recip agreement anyway. Oh yes she advised and started to reel off loads of differences including optical, hospital service and loads of other costs that are saved by being permanent residents. Maybe I missed something but I wasn't aware of the huge difference between the two! So as soon as you apply for 887 and get your e-mail back which they do that part immediately think about changing your medicare as you are covered by the permanent side before the 887 comes through!
Hope this helps some people