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      Interesting replies!!
      There seems to be good reasons for getting one on board.
      I am going to look more into my qualifications and to what level I can get them assessed to, I think this is the key.
      If I can get a nominated occupation that will give me 60 points then all is well and good.

      Thanks all for your comments.


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      Agents can be useful if you have a complicated skills assessment. Also they can point you inthe right direction to get extra points for the visa you want.

      Agents are there to check the information you give them on the application forms. To make sure the forms are filled in correctly, using the right terminology and to forward the forms on. Some peope have not got the organsation or time to complete the application themselves. Than an agent would be good for you.

      We made our own application.

      All the information for applying for your visa, requesting the forms, how to complete them are all on the immigration website. This is the same website the agents use.

      If immigration request additional information than the agent will pass on this message to you.

      In our case immigration requested additional reports for our son with ASD. (If we had an agent they would of demanded this extra report) But this report was only duplicating the information that had already been sent. We sent our case officer an email explaining our concerns and this email was passed onto the doctor who was reviewing our sons medical. This resulted in our son passing his medical and our family granted with a permanent visa.

      Our case was not an easy case we had an elderly dependent and a special needs child. But following the application process and knowing how the medical conditions affected both the elderly dependent and our sons special needs meant we were about to put a strong case forward.


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