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      Uni on an SIR? / change of occupation

      Hi, we have been here just over 1 year. We have a 17 year old who has just completed year 12, he wants to do a foundation course at uni, but we have been told that he can't go because we are not entitiled to it in the SIR495. Has anyone else come across this this and if so did you find a way around it.

      Also if you work in your required occupation for the stipulated year, do you put your new occupation on the perm. visa application or the one you came in on, even if you have changed your occupation. I have just read that the new occupation will need a skills assessment - what happens if it is not a 'required occupation', or do you just put your 'incoming' job.


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      Dont know about the second half of your question but your son can go to UNI it will just cost a hell of a lot more than if you are permanent visa holder or citizen.
      Temporary visa holders have to pay international student fees.
      Youu also have to watch out if he decides to work full time now as the stipulation for temp visa for the over 18 is they must be dependant on you.


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