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      medical paperwork

      Has anyone completed an online visa application and completed the online health questions? If so, did you still download the medical forms 26EH and take these to your medicals. I'm getting conflicting advice about whether or not we need to do this and am also having trouble accessing them on the site. I have only been able to access them for my children even though myself and my wife have to have medicals examinations also. Very confused!

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      Are you going for an SIR visa? We completed ours online but did not have medical questions to answer that I know of (agent done most of it). We then printed off the medical forms that had to be taken for the panel doctor to complete.

      Are you using an agent? If so they would know otherwise if might be worth contacting a panel doctor and querying this as they may know if the process has been changed.

      Forms can also be downloaded for printing etc here - http://www.uk.embassy.gov.au/lhlh/health.html

      Hope this rambling is some sort of help :o



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