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      God I am so glad I looked at this thread it has helped me heaps. We are sliding into debt etc. Max's work was really erratic last year and never secure. We never knew what he would eventually take home. In between when he has had work he's been laid off because of the weather and since Christmas he worked last week and now he's been laid off all together and won't get paid for it until 29th Jan!!!. We have no savings as everything is funding the Application and no house sale. Again renting not an option. I was worried sick that we might end up with nothing to go out with. I think you imagine everyone having thousands in the bank except you. We are determind and as said previously when we work out what we have here, we'd rather struggle in a better place as the prospects here are dire at the moment and I can't see it improving for a good while. I don't like my job it's a thankless boring job and now Max has nothing and with the trade as it is if he gets anything then how long for?? There are no guarantees. We do nothing with Kirsty as we can't afford to and the weather rubbish it's so depressing! So I think throw all caution to the wind and go for it! I'm taking my tent we can live in that LOL! At least it won't get blown away or flooded in Adelaide....there's another bonus.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Pesty650 View Post
      I’m beginning to think the dream is over before it’s begun.

      We’ve submitted the 475 app & the way things are going will have a visa by mid 2009. We’ve been looking at putting the house on the market & whilst prices have been quite stable in our area, people are now starting to knock £20-30K off the asking price. That’s before the offers come in under the asking price. This would just wipe out most of the equity we have & if went went to Adelaide would be going with only a few grand to start our new lives after the expenses in getting there. No job to go to, no lump sum in the bank for a house deposit & a very uncertain job market. If it didn’t work out, we’d come back skint in 6-9 months! Financially, it makes no sense to go & with no economic upturn predicted to START until mid/late 2010, it doesn’t look like delaying going until late 2010 by doing a quick validation trip mid 2010 would help either. It’s possible, even probable that house prices in the UK will continue to drop for some time. Renting the house out wouldn’t work financially either.
      The alternative also scares the life out of me – staying here, living in an area we don’t want to live, working in jobs we hate, with no light at the end of the tunnel. Wanting to live in Adelaide. What kind of life is that?

      Short of winning the lottery, it looks like the dream is just that.

      Can anyone offer up any ideas???
      There may be a light on the horizon. I was talking to my dad who works in housing industry making for sale signs and he says that things are starting to move again. Halifax has reported a small increase in house prices; not sure if that is just wishful thinking, but my dad has said there are definitely more sold signs going up. So fingers crossed you may get some better offers on your house a few months down the line. Spring has always traditionally been the better time for house sales. Don't give up just yet.

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      Reading some of the stories on here has really humbled me. I guess we were just so lucky that i had a job (with company sponsorship) to start this minute i stepped off the plane. Our house in Aberdeen sold in 3 days, and we sold our car and motorbike. Went to go online to book the flights and pay for the removals to find out the company had sent me an email with all our flight details, and bank account for the cost of removals to be sent to. Then they paid for all visas and medicals, along with accomodation in the city until we found somewhere.

      Anyway, you guys have really earned my respect with the way you have done it, and kept such a happy outlook. Guess the blue skies help out there.

      Best of luck for everyone who is trying to get here, if you come, i hope you love it as much as our family does.


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