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      sponsorship point help please


      I hope i dont confuse anyone with this. On the state sponsorship it just says that you have to have enough points to pass the DIAC points test. On the DIAC points test it says that you get 10 points for state sponsorship. So when applying for the sponsorship do you take into account those 10 points or not?

      Heres how im working my points:
      Occupation: 40
      Age: 30
      Language if i take the IELTS: 25
      Specific Employment: 5
      State Sponsorship: 10

      Total: 110

      if i take it into account that means i wont need to do the test, but i want to make sure that i will get the state sponsorship (based on the points test anyway). Im also guessing that after i get the sponsorship i can then take the IELTS if i should/want to?

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      thats exactly what they do. you can skip the test, though if i were you i would still do it just in case, the way i assess myself is not how they will do it.

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      Yes you take the 10 pts for state sponsorship into account. I wouldn't bother with the IELTS if you dont need to - we needed the extra points but if you get all the other points then why put yourself through it?
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      Well thats what i thought, and as the sponsorship is free to apply if i fail on that then i will do it or certainly if i feel it will help my visa application. Id rather save the money and pay for the Vetassess if i can.

      thank you very much for both your replies


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