Applications with Occupations on the Critical Skills List (CSL):

Applications are being allocated in date of lodgement order

Applications are now being allocated to case officers. It is expected all eligible applications that were lodged before 1 September 2007 will be
allocated by 20 March 2009. Applications that were lodged after 1
September 2007 are not being allocated at present.
A Year and a half? Oh my god, at this rate my medicals will expire. I can't help feeling like I have been dumped on by the change in rules, one minute your in the queue and you can see the finish line, and then your told to go to the back of the queue for no reason, its depressing.

Can anyone explain what the 'all' means in this statement?
1. Applications with a successful State & Territory Nomination
(until all applications have been allocated);

Does it mean that even if someone applies next month they will be bumped up the queue?

Anyone in I.T. who was on the MODL might want to check the following:-

If you have a skills assessment from the Australian Computing Society (ACS) showing a computer specialisation (as listed on the MODL) you are entitled to priority processing under the CSL. If you have provided a skills assessment showing you meet this criterion please advise the department at . This will ensure that your application is allocated once your lodgement date has been reached.