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      alan smallman

      Thanks Guys/Gals

      Thanks to you all for your comments and support. I can't thank you all enough really! I guess (no, actually i KNOW) that's what's good about PIA, it really is a community there to offer advice and support and share experiences, which I (and the missus) greatly value.

      It's not gonna stop us from doing it - we've got to coz the alternative doesn't bear thinking about and we don't want to be regretting the things we could've done. Thank you all soooooooooooooo much. It's really appreciated!!

      XX Alan

      PS Pauline doesn't know I've posted this so when she comes in from work I'll show her your responses which will make her feel better aswell.

      Cheers again all

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      I have read many posts in all the time I've been a member of this site.
      I sometimes feel like I've been on a journey with many of the members already too !
      But one thing keeps popping into my mind when I think about the leap of faith.

      Why ?
      What is it REALLY that's making me want to go, and why there ?
      Am I running from something ? Can I really escape it half way round the world ?

      Why ?

      Hope that wasn't too deep !
      Keep the posts coming folks, I'm learning so much !

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      Quote Originally Posted by Django View Post
      Its even better looking at your bedroom celing. You really must get a house Lee. :p

      Everyone has doubts. You wouldn't be normal if you just did it without worrying about what you are doing.

      Good luck


      I know Pete, but the house of sticks got blew away by the big bad wolf

      I`m waiting to see a man walking down the road with a hod full of bricks, then my master plan will be complete MUUUHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAA ( thats supposed to be an evil laugh )


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