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      benefits,family assistance etc can anyone help please!

      hi everyone!i have read about benefits on a few other threads but i have a slightly different stance on it then other people i guess!

      so was wondering if anyone could advise.......

      i'm an australian citizen, as are two children, and baby (due june) will be too :)

      we're hoping to come over to adelaide in november this year however my husband will only qualify for a temp spouse visa as we havent been together for five years plus needed for perm residency (my first two children arent biologically his )

      so my question is......will we qualify for family benefits etc...... my husband matt (an electrician) will hopefully find full time work quickly but i wont be working at all!

      i spoke to a migratation agent the other day who said we would qualify for everything cos me and children are all oz citizens..... but wanted to check if anyone knew this is def the case?? otherwise perhaps we'd be better living apart!!!! (joke - ha ha!)

      anyone who has any idea thanks in advance or who could point me in the right direction for info THANK YOU!


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      yes we moved over last year I am australian and so are my 3 kids and cause you are getting a spouse visa there is no wait for benefits just go to the local centre link and explain and they will help you through the process we left it till we had been here a few weeks but try and do it as soon as possible. Have you got aussie tax file numbers ? if so that will speed things up we waited till we were here and that slowed things down a bit , but any payments were back dated any questions will help if i can Dina****


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