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      Kemp family

      Introduction and advice needed!


      We have finally made the decision to try to move to Adelaide for a better life for us and our daughters. Simon is a welder which we understand is a wanted skill! How true is this from those of you that have tried to find a job? I am a civil servant on a career break to look after our 2 girls aged 4 years and 5 months. We have decided to use an agent to help us with the process, has this proved a good move? Advice please?! We are starting to collate the info needed to get Si through the TRA process, this is taking ages as he has had so many jobs since leaving college! He prefers to do agency work for the variety of roles, has anyone else done their TRA with lots of different jobs and had a nightmare getting all the info together? In your experience how long does it take to get this approved?

      We have been told that if we get SA sponsorship we will get a visa quicker! Is this proving to the case? Reading the posts on here it seems some visas are coming through really quick! Hopefully that will continue with us! In your experince what is the current time scale?

      I am sure I will have loads more questions as this forum seems to have great members with loads of good advice which I plan to make use of! However I don't wish to over stay my welcome with my first post!

      Best wishes to all those in the process, hopefully we will be joining you soon!


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      Dave & Carole
      HI Kemp family & welcome to PIA.

      We used an agent & have to say - saved a lot of work as just filled in her questionaires & she did the rest of the paperwork. SA sponsorship came through really quickly but still waiting for Visa. It has been nice to be able to ask someone questions about the porcess & get a quick answer - although I'm sur eif you have the time most of the information can be found on internet & forums like this.

      This forum is brilliant - everyone has been so helpful. So ask away & there is usually someone who can answer your question.

      Good luck with the journey to a visa

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      Hello Mary Jane and family,
      Welcome to this great forum which really is very helpful and addictive! While I can't answer your specific questions - I came on a Spouse visa which came through very quickly - there will be people who can help you. Good luck with the entire process which can be maddening, fruistrating and very exciting!
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      Hi Mary-Jane,

      Welcome to Poms In Adelaide :)

      I found using an agent saved me LOADS of time, also I didnt actually have a clue what I was doing so left it to the experts! :)

      Im state sponsored and still waiting! :( Not even got a case officer yet and I applied in September 2008. Just seems to be a lottery, you may be lucky though x

      Best of luck,

      Vicky xx


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