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      Where in Australia are you going to and what made you decide to go ?

      let me know how you get on (:


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      Erm... for me i had always wanted to go. That's why i went to uni to get my degree to be truthful. My gran lived there till i was 10/11 and used to tell me wonderful stories. When i had my first son the urge to provide something better for him kicked in, this along with a dissatisfaction of the UK. It took a few years to persuade my hubby.
      We were not sure where i wanted to go, i suppose sitting choosing from the other side of the world is very hit and miss, and oz is so different from area to area. I was a bit restricted in where i could go with my chosen profession so SA was chosen for us. in hindsight it has a good stable balance, not too hot not too cold, not to big/small reasonable house prices and seems to have a good community both english and oz.

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      same reasons as us lol, better lifestyle, sick of uk (:

      hope it all works out for you, keep in touch and thanks again for your help (:


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      Ta Alex, if you do seriously consider it, the site is a very handy resource, plus have a talk to the agents they are usually helpful and i gather the first meetings are free.
      We went along to an expo type talk in Middlesbrough, im sure ive seen them in Newcastle which give us a lot of info. It did sell oz a lot, but its just common sense to investigate everything yourself when weighing up the options. Good luck with your plans


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