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      SIR 495 Information


      Many people get confused over what is and what is not available for SIR 495 visa holders such as schooling, health care, purchasing a house etc

      Here are a couple of links that may provide you with info you require -

      Letter for Employers - As this visa is reletaively new potential employers may be confused by it. This letter is written by SA Immigration and explains the visa to employers


      All the terms and conditions on what you are entitle too and what you must fulfill for PR Visa is laid out in this factsheet from SA Immigration -


      As an SIR holder you are entitled to Medicare under the reciprocal agreement with the UK for necessary healthcare, you can buy a house with FIRB approval and schooling is the same as perm residents within South Australia as in you pay an amount per year for books etc

      Hope these are of use :lol:


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      donna T
      Hi Lisa

      Thtis is fab - I have printed off a couple for my files - you really are a min of fantastic info - thank you so much

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      Thanks Lisa, this is great. I have a couple of printed versions already which I managed to get earlier in my research but I am going to check what I have is the up to date version, so will be printing your shortly, thanks again for the post :) :)


      ps, you may have noticed from my signature that we have received the PCs back & all ok, meds Tuesday :roll: :roll: , fingers crossed
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      Thanks for this info.

      I roughly knew what the SIR visa route was but this explains it much more.

      When we applied 9 years ago this did not exist in this form.

      We came out on a Permanent Residency business owner visa (495 I think).

      Unfortunately we were unlucky and were "randomly" picked for regular surveys and interviews.We did feel under pressure but it worked out. :o


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