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      student visa option

      Thinking about changing career and coming over via student visa route - which would mean I could work for 20 hours per week, unlimited in hols, plus my oh could work 20 hours per week.

      has anyone else gone down this route? - if so what are their experiences/

      many thanks

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      Hi Frazzel,

      We are hoping (visa permitting) to fly out this September. I have been a part qualified accountant in agriculture with over 15 years experience but because I got a job at 18 I didn't bother to finish my degree so I do not qualify for residency in Australia. I have since applied for a placement in Uni which has been accepted (in under 1 week!) and soon to have our medicals next month then onto applying for the student visa which will be 4 months before the start of the course. As for the 20 hours you are allowed to work...I am a Mum to a 13 year old so looking forward to spending the school holidays with him rather than working LOL. My OH can also work 20 hours per week which means he is very limited to what he can do, he has thought about studying for a new career (he is currently a farmer) but he would have to apply for his own student visa , more cost..... We are very lucky that we both have investments in the UK so will be able to manage (although fairly tight) to rent & live for the 3 years of the study duration without a regular income but when you weigh this up with the UK as it is today (and is likely to be over the next 3 years), this is a price worth paying!! What & when are you hoping to study??? We will be getting our medicals soon & not sure that this entails for a student?

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      hi suziep

      thanks very much for the feeback, I am not sure what I am going to study, my wife is looking to study either social work or teaching (primary) post grad diploma.

      We hope to come over once properties are sold - which will take time - excerising great patience at present. Can be furstrating knowing what your plans are but not being able to put them into action.

      We are just trying to get as much info as poss at the moment, plus calculating the costs.

      We have been in touch with different colleges and uni's - getting accepted appears to be the easy part - mature student (motivated) - higher fee's as overseas student etc

      The greatest fear is not having a regular income - but we will just have to be careful for a couple of years - and as you say quality of life will be far superior - going from what we experienced when we visited adelaide area for a month.

      Someone did give me info on meds but I did not pay too much attention at the time - but i gather it is quite basic - as only on student visa


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