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      Where you all going.

      Hi all. We were lucky enough to get our visa last week and as i have no idea what part of Adelaide we are going to i was wondering what area you nice people are heading. My trade is as a glasscutter/glass worker (which is all i know) and we thought about living nearer to Melbourne as my stepdaughter will be moving there but apart from that ive really no idea.

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      Hi think that will all depend on how you find things once here there are so many fantastic places in & around Adelaide to choose from we have visited several areas & liked them all we eventually settled on Seaford Rise on the south coast as we fell in love with the quietness & Moana beach haha but it depends on the lifestyle your looking for you need to take your time & check everything out before deciding good luck to you all safe travels x

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      Wersal Gummage
      Hello PEZ, this thread from last week maybe of some help to you http://www.pomsinadelaide.com/forum/...ead.php?t=8680
      I cant see all the replies because of my Ignore list but I'm sure they'll be relevant.
      Melbourne is about a 9 1/2 hour drive so trying to live closer to Melbourne ( enough to make a difference anyway) will probably mean you're not in Adelaide any more.
      Try and rent somewhere central and have a look around.
      Good luck with your research.

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      Hi Pez

      We are heading for the hills! Will rent there initially to make sure that we really do like the area and then decide where to buy.



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