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      Form to add a person to visa

      Hi All.
      Feeling a bit frustrated as time seems to be going very slow & I'm desperate to hear some positive news about us getting out of here (or even selling our house!!)
      So thought I should get around to adding William (our latest addition) to our 175 visa (paper lodged 1st oct '09) but can not seem to find the form I need to fill in to amend our visa details.
      I'm sure I saved it to our PC before he was born, but its vanished now.
      I have been back on the immi web site but the only form that I can find that looks like it may do the job is form 1022 'notification of changes in circumstances' I'm sure this isn't the original one I found.
      Can anyone advise please. It will feel like a step closer when we get William added (have done his passport & birth cert etc)
      Allie. xx

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      Hi, just noticed your thread. Not much response. We have just had an addition to our family and have tried using the 1022 but being an adobe form it won't let me save it. Can i ask how you went about adding to our visa. I was just going to e-mail them.

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      Hi there. We have just completed the forms to add our son to our visas. We are still in the UK, but have had our permanent resident visas (subclass 136 I think?) for 2 years. I emailed the address on the website for the London Migration Office and they sent a link with the correct forms. For us (and I don't know if this applies to you guys) it was form 47ch and 40ch. The fee was 660, but this is for a new application rather than an amendment to an existing application....not sure if you've got your visas already? The child also needs a medical so you'll also need to print off form 26. We were quoted 70 for his medical, and they don't need any blood tests.
      We also had to sign a statutory declaration to say we had no obligation to our son emigrating!
      Good luck!
      Sue and Graham


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