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      Question Visa Question

      Can anybody answer this question for us.

      Val and I came to Australia on a 475 Visa arriving here late October 2008. Val secured a full time permanent position and started in Dec 2008. I have as yet not found work and I was the main Visa applicant.

      Can we apply for PR visa if we get sponsorship from Val's employer? I know it will have to be a completely new application on shore but has anybody done this before and what Visa type would we need, where would we start and what costs are involved.
      Will our ages be a problem Val Over 45 and me fast approaching 45.

      If we were able to get a PR Visa through Val geting sponsorship it may open up more doors for us.

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      Don't know about employer sponsorship but ring the APC and see what they say. But I do know that as it is now Val who will probably complete the 12 mths work criteria when they time comes you can change her to the main applicnt for PR instead of you

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      Employer sponsored permanent residency visas - ENS and RSMS

      Hello Martin.

      Yes, it is possible to move onto a permanent residency visa under the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) or the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS), but I recall that technically you must apply for the offshore version of these visas due to the nature of the visa you hold presently (there are offshore and onshore versions of these visas).

      What this means in practice is that you would have to head offshore prior to visa grant - you can be in Australia when an application is made for the offshore visa.

      Please feel able to contact me via our office in Melbourne if you would like to discuss further - T 03 9935 2929.

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